Trash Talk

I’m not usually a competitive person.  In junior high I ran cross country.  During one race I had been running next to a girl the whole time.  At the end of the race she had obviously had it:  her face was sweaty, her cheeks were red and she was huffing and puffing like a steam engine.  I decided that because she had worked so hard she deserved to come in before me.  So, I let her beat me to the finish.  Let’s just say I enjoyed the social aspect of the sport more than the actual sport itself. 🙂

This week, J and I signed up for a 5 mile race in Central Park, NYC.  We’ll be visiting this summer and I thought why not tour Central Park in less than an hour.  If you haven’t been to Central Park before, it’s a definite MUST SEE of the whole NYC experience!  Wouldn’t you say?

I would have to say J isn’t overly competitive either.  (Luck will be needed for our kids someday if they ever try out for a sport!)  That is until I threw out the challenge of using the 5 mile run as a race (that his wife will win) instead of a fun run.  We’re realizing how a little competitive edge can bring out the trash talk in the best of us.  I hope this is how I look crossing the finish line without him:  happy and victorious. 🙂

But just between you and I, I may let him beat me to the finish. We can all use a win sometimes.


6 Comments to “Trash Talk”

  1. haha I love it Soo! Between you and I, I think you got this one Soo! Shh, dont tell JJ!! 🙂

  2. You have a great outlook girl! I’ll admit I’m pretty competitive, but it’s usually just with myself!

  3. aw youre so nice! if i could, i’ll usually beat the person. i usually can’t though haha. just kiddding…love that last photo!

  4. Thats great, you will have so much fun! I was just in Central Park this past weekend and it is so gorgeous. I would imagine it would be a fun place for a run!

  5. aw i love the last photo… Central park is SO beautiful and the weather is awesome right now (im here too 🙂 )

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