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April 28, 2011

Barre: for the ballerina in all of us.

When I was in elementray school, my Mom signed me up for dance class.  It was socializing at its best.  You get 10-15 giggly girls in a room in pink tights and ballet shoes and there’s bound to be craziness.

Yesterday, I went back to my ballerina roots and took my first barre class.  If you’ve never heard of the barre technique, join the club!  Before attending the class, I thought I would be stretching the whole hour and showing off how inflexible I am.  No, no, no sister…this was a workout.  My legs were burning, my arms were exhausted, and I was asking, “How long is this class?”

“barre54 offers a full body, cardiovascular workout inspired by pilates, yoga and ballet.  Each 54-minute class features a mix of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches that challenge every muscle in the body, creating long, lean, supple muscles and strong, sculpted physiques.”

( website)

barre54 is a new studio opening soon in Central Florida and the teachers needed some extra hours of practice so not only did I get to try out barre for the first time, it was also free!  However, even if it wasn’t free, you better believe I’d want to go back!  You totally work muscles out you don’t even know you had.  The incorporation of three pound weights, the ballet barre, and the use of your own body weight was amazing.  You really get out of this class what you put in; but, even if you’re not putting in much you’ll still feel the burn.

Though I’m a runner by trade, perhaps I’m a ballerina at heart.  I’ll just have to remember to leave the pink tights at home next time.  🙂

Have you heard of the barre technique before?  Would you ever try it? Have you ever taken a ballet class before?