From working out to eating out.

Yesterday, my friend Carrie and I ran to the track to burn some calories, work up a sweat, and chat.  (Because half of the fun of working out with a friend is catching up, right?)

Here’s what our workout looked like:

  • 5 minute warm up (ran from my house to the track)
  • 1 (4oo m)
  • 1 (800 m)
  • 1 (1 mile)
  • 1 (800 m)
  • 1 (400 m)
  • Cool down and stretch

The entire workout (from my doorstep and back to it) was about 50 minutes.

The minute we walked back in the house we bounded up the steps, got a drink of water and grabbed our keys to replinish the calories burned with an icecream treat at Jeremiah’s Ice.

Jeremiah’s Ice is one of Central Florida’s real gems.  Their gelatis (soft serve icecream and italian ice) cannot be beat.  A strawberry-lemon for me (plus) a red raspberry for Carrie (equals) sheer joy.

Does a small gelati from Jeremiah’s Ice cancel out a good 50 minute workout?  If so, don’t tell me!


6 Comments to “From working out to eating out.”

  1. This is awesome FUN! Lets go next time I come there. Love your blog. Read it all! Love you!

  2. Mmm… that is the best way to end a workout in my opinion!

  3. I love running with a buddy! It makes things go by so much faster!

  4. It’s definitely better to workout with a buddy that motivates you 😀

  5. Haha love that you picked that as your treat 🙂 I had one on Monday. With no workout before 🙂

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