The planner in me…

  • is already thinking about my weekend plans.
  • loves to plan dinner when I’m eating lunch.
  • makes my husband go dizzy over what’s happening next.
  • helps me stick to a consistent workout regime.

We all know life gets busy.  Between 40+ hours of work, spending time with my husband, errands, keeping up with friends and other misc tasks; working out gets put on the back burner of my agenda.  To help with this, I plan my workouts in advance.

  • I workout 3-5 times a week.  To do this, I take a quick glance at my schedule and see which days would best accommodate some sweating.  🙂
  • I check with my running buddies to see which day(s) they’re available to run.
  • I see if there are any good classes available.  Free’s always nice!
  • I make a plan and try and stick to it.

And if all else fails I…

Do you have a workout buddy?

How often do you workout?

What’s your best piece of advice to keep a consistent work out routine?


7 Comments to “The planner in me…”

  1. I’m definitely a huge planner! I always make a point of working out at 6pm, 20 minutes after I get home from work. I think of it as a sort of appointment, so it helps me commit to it more!

  2. So awesome, Sophia! I like your way of thinking of it as an appointment!

  3. I plan out everything from my meals to my workout, it just helps me manage my time more effectively 🙂

  4. I do have a workout buddy! I actually have two 🙂 I work out daily, primarily for the mental health aspects! I kind of plan my day out the night before and figure out when I’ll be able to get in a good sweat…then go from there.

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