Bargain Hunter

I love a good deal.  I’m the type of shopper who will bring five things to the checkout counter and while in line convince myself I don’t need four of the items and check out with one.  Do you ever do that?

While our husbands were camping, my good friend Carrie and I went in search of high quality foods with a bargain price tag. We had heard rumors of such a place, but were  unsure if it actually existed.  Well blog friends…it does.  Freshfields Farms. 

Produce, Meat, Icecream…what else could you want?  😉  The store was broken into two parts.  A produce section and a meat section.  To get to the other section you had to checkout first.

Their meat selection was amazing and so fresh.  I picked up some steak, chicken, and pork chops.  Over in the produce section they labeled what was organic and what was not.  Most of the prices were comparable to my local grocery store or less…even better!

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Because I knew what a deal I was getting on most, if not all of my purchase, I didn’t skimp on loading up my cart.  I now have a fridge full of fresh food.  I feel so lucky!  Sometimes being a bargain hunter really pays off!


6 Comments to “Bargain Hunter”

  1. Omg I do that all the time. The worst is when I pick up like 3 things and end up putting everything back! haha 😀

  2. This looks fun! How did you find out about it?? Miss you girls! ❤

  3. HAHA i do that all the time. I’ll be in line at Target and say sorry I don’t need these 4 things… haha I’m sure they just LOVE it.

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