Today’s Deal!

If you’re in Central Florida, are familiar with Living Social, and are looking for an easier way to shop for produce, be sure to check out today’s deal! 

Fresh Box Organics delivers organic produce right to your doorstep.  Each week you can review the new variety of fruits and veggies that will be brought weekly or bi-weekly.  Are you not a fan of sweet potatoes?  No prob!  Just make a note of that on your “Never Send” list and they will be sure to keep those of your plate.  Need to cancel a delivery?  No prob!  Want to eat organic but are unimpressed with your grocery store’s selection?  Then check out today’s deal!  I did.  Will you?

What was the deal for your city today?  Do you use Living Social or Groupon?


3 Comments to “Today’s Deal!”

  1. I have both! My living socials are usually for yoga or some kind of gym super far from my house lol 😦

  2. I’m seriously obsessed with both Groupon and Living Social!!

  3. I use both and buy them regularly!!!

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