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April 22, 2011

The Friday Five: Hot Dates!

It’s date night tonight and I can’t wait!  You know it’s a hot date when your husband and you plan it a week in advance! 🙂  In honor of a Friday night out, I thought I’d make this Friday Five:  Hot Dates.

Disclaimer: We are simple people with a budget; so, the following are for all of you who want to save a little $ and have a lot of fun doing it! 🙂

1. A hot date is biking to Jeremiah’s Ice!  Living in Florida makes this a hot date, literally!

2. A hot date is going to Barnes and Noble, getting a coffee and holding hands through the aisles of new books that are waiting to be read.

3. A hot date is eating in while wearing our pj’s and renting a Red Box!

4. A hot date is heading to Target and getting to pick out one treat each…even if that treat is a new coffee pot!

5. A hot date always ends with a goodnight kiss!