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April 17, 2011

Sunday Lemonade

As you all know,  I love heading to the store with a game plan.  Having a list gives me grocery shopping freedom!   So, today when our fridge was bare and our bellies were empty, I headed to the store.

This is what I bought:


grapes. pink lady apples. mini sweet peppers.  organic lettuce. pears. organic grape tomatoes. sweet potatoes. lemons. red onion.


voskos yogurt (with coupon). fage greek yogurt. parmesan cheese. feta cheese. organic steak. all natural chicken (with coupon). icecream (buy one get one).


alexia bread (buy one get one). orzo pasta. wheat thins (buy one get one).


lemonade. pop tarts (buy one get one and a coupon). olives. good seasonings dressing kit. reynolds wrap (coupon).

To my surprise, with the coupons and the buy one get one deals, I saved $23.40!  I think this is the most I’ve ever saved…or close to it! To a new couponer, this is a big deal! 🙂

I do believe it’s time to celebrate.  I think I’ll take up the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” literally!

What’s your favorite summer time drink?