Lazy Dinner Date

Sometimes we all need a break.  Tonight, I decided I was not going to turn on the stove, heat up the oven, or ask J to go out to eat. Instead, I decided it was a lazy dinner date at home.

A platter of goodies!  Whole grain bread, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, carrots, green onions, ripe tomatoes, carrots, peppers and grapes.

It may have been easy, but it sure was good…and of course made with a lot of love. 🙂

Question of the day:  What’s your idea of a lazy dinner?



6 Comments to “Lazy Dinner Date”

  1. lazy dinner is sweet potato gnocchi from Tj’s!

  2. I love dinners like this!! So much good stuff at one time!

  3. honest and horrible answer: frozen meals! thankfully i’m not resorting to that too much these days but in desperate times, yes!

  4. This was an excellent dinner; more than happy to eat good, clean, healthy, natural (mostly) food like this. My wife is amazing!

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