The Friday Five: foods to fuel

After a busy week and only one workout under my belt, I needed to get a good run in–if not for my health, for my sanity. 🙂

I used my runkeeper app and tracked the exact time and distance of my run.  It was a beautiful morning full of sunshine and a cool breeze…perfect weather to get back to it.

After my run, I was thinking about what food would be best to carry my body to a healthy recovery.  So, thanks to, I found some tasty breakfast recipes that will jump start your recovery after a morning run.  According to this article, a good mix of carbs and protein within 30 minutes of your workout will be a great mix to refuel your happy body.  (Check out this link for exact recipes!)

1) High-Protein Pancakes: whole grain pancakes, greek yogurt, blueberries and nuts.

2) Savory Pita:  wheat pita, olive tapenade, apricots, tomato, red onion, red bell pepper, turkey bacon, and feta cheese.

3) Breakfast Sundae: bananna, fat-free vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, high protein cereal and a dash of cinnamon.

4) Southwestern Wrap: whole wheat tortilla, black beans, brown rice, scrambled egg, avacado, spinach, cheddar, cilantro and salsa.

5) Island Smoothie: low-fat peach kefir, low-fat milk, crushed pineapple, dried coconut, instant oatmeal, and frozen raspberries.

BONUS! Sweet Sandwich! (english muffin, cashew butter, mango chutney, golden raisins, fat-free cottage cheese.

Hopefully this gives you some more ideas to do your body good!

What’s your favorite post-workout meal or snack?




2 Comments to “The Friday Five: foods to fuel”

  1. Breakfast sundae? Oh my I want 😉 My favorite post workout snack is cottage cheese with some peanut butter 😀

  2. That sounds delicious! I know, can’t wait to try out the breakfast sundae!

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