Grocery shopping tips!

Yesterday, I hit up the grocery store with a list in hand, a couple coupons and the determination to get in and out of the store in at most, 30 minutes.  To my surprise, it was one of the best shopping experiences ever!  So, I thought I’d share with you all the tips that made it so pleasant.

  • Shop at a grocery store that you’re familiar with their layout.
  • Make a list!  You could even organize the list to the sections of the store.
  • If you use coupons, check out the weekly ad for promotions and match your coupons accordingly.  This provides ultimate savings!  It also helps with your weekly meal plans.
  • Don’t shop after work…this seems to be the busiest time of the day.
  • Read your fruit labels!  The numbers on the annoying sticker you always have to peel off before eating actually has meaning!  (This helpful tip comes from Jillian Michaels.)

Four numbers=The fruit was conventionally grown.

Five numbers, beginning with 9=The fruit was organically grown.

Five numbers, beginning with 8=The fruit was genetically engineered.

Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism © 2009

  • Be friendly with the store employees.  There are so many wonderful people who serve thankless customers all day long.  Make their day by being polite. 🙂

Here are the goods!

A successful trip indeed!

Now tell me, what was for dinner at your house?  Do you have any shopping tips to share?


6 Comments to “Grocery shopping tips!”

  1. great tips! never knew about the #’s on the fruit…
    and i so agree with shop at a grocery store you’re familiar with. when i go into an unfamiliar one i walk back and forth so much…

  2. I always have to have a list when I go grocery shopping! If I don’t, then I’ll end up with way too much stuff!

  3. Isn’t that crazy about the fruit numbers?! When I head to the Farmer’s Market, I’m definitely checking them! 🙂

  4. wow great tips! i had no idea about the #s on the fruit. i always make a list but tend to stray…

  5. Thats numbers thing on fruit is fascinating. Great tips. I usually plan out my meals for the week before hitting the grocery store. that way I only buy what I need

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