Yesterday, instead of our normal run, Carrie and I decided to pick up our rackets and hit the court for a light-hearted game.  As I was riding my bike in my gym shorts and running shoes, I see Carrie heading to the court in her tennis skirt and tennis shoes.  I immediately thought, “Uh-oh…this is serious.”  We had so much fun hitting our flat tennis balls and laughing when I missed a ball that was coming straight toward me.

After an hour of tennis, Carrie had pulled off a victorious win of 6-2.  Must have been the tennis skirt and shoes. 🙂


5 Comments to “Tennis.”

  1. aw, tennis! i played competetively in high school but now only play once in a while for fun. it is such a great social sport :). and the skirts are way too cute!

    – Beth @

  2. How fun! Carrie and I thought we should get really good and enter a doubles tournament–or maybe that was my idea! 🙂

  3. I love tennis! What a great idea. Tennis is one activity I can actually get the husband to enjoy with me, but it has been tooo long.

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