4 miles feels good!

Since training and running in my second half marathon this past December, I haven’t run over 3-4 miles.  I don’t know if I’ve felt burnt out or tired from logging so many miles before?  Do you ever feel like this after training for something?  Anyway, yesterday, my love for running came back after completing a strong 4 mile run.  I love the feeling of knowing you worked out hard! 🙂  Plus, I love when I am loving exercise.  Exercise should be fun and enjoyable.  It’s such a healthy thing to work your body out, but to give your mind a break, too! 🙂

After that, I hit up the grocery store for some good eats.  Here’s what I bought.

* (denotes for a Tomato Cream Sauce recipe)

Fruit (strawberries–3 for $5, grapes (sale), apples (sale)

Veggies (red onion, *white onion, carrots, red potatoes (sale), romaine, brocolli (sale)

Protein (all natural chicken (sale), organic steak)

Pasta (*fettuccine, shells–buy one get one)

Canned Goods (*2 cans tomato sauce, corn-buy one get one, black beans)

Dairy (*organic heavy cream)

Extras (olive oil-buy one get one, Good Earth tea, all natural balsamic vinegarette dressing (sale), all natural ranch dressing (sale), orange juice(sale)

Last night, we ate the best pasta, Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce from The Pioneer Woman. Try it!   You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Tonight, J and I had a steak salad with potatoes, onion, peppers, steak, and romaine.

It’s amazing how steak can fill us up way more than chicken.

Trying out our on sale dressings! 🙂

Finally, one of the best surprises was checking the mail today.

My coat came and I love it! I even wore it tonight! It’s so soft and so warm.

I have always said I’d love to be a UPS person.  How fun would it be to deliver packages to people who are anxiously awaiting their new purchase? 🙂

Question of the day:  What job would you like to have that brightens someone’s day?

Did you go to the grocery store this week?  What was your favorite thing you bought?

Do you ever get burnt out from exercise?



7 Comments to “4 miles feels good!”

  1. I get burnt out on exercise all the time! When I started running last year, I didn’t have a gym pass so I ran every day, and it got old real fast. Training for races kills me- after I ran a marathon, I all but stopped running. So glad you got a good run in! Good for you!

  2. After my half I went off running too! I really do think my body needed a rest. I switched to other forms of working out for a while and felt much better. All about listening to your body!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  3. I would like to make flower arrangements. I know that would brighten my day, at least!

    I know what you mean about training. Even if you’re only running a race for fun- not for a PR or something- the fact that you’re “training” puts pressure on you! My best runs are the ones where I’m just enjoying the experience. Often I can push myself the hardest on these runs too!

  4. Enjoying the experience–I love that! 🙂

  5. I didnt go to the grocery store yet this week… I have so much food I need to finish off!
    Love your jacket! It’s so stuffed in your mailbox how did they fit anything else!?

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