A little bit of everything!

Good morning, sweet things!

Today is a little bit of everything!  I’m so glad that you were able to meet my husband on his guest post.  I can honestly say, he is a bike riding, walking commuter and I’m so proud of him for that!  Saving the environment one commute at a time, right? 🙂

This weekend, I celebrated my friend Carrie’s Bachelorette Party on Sanibel Island, FL.  A serious good time of soaking in the sun.  Granted, I was putting spf 75 on my face! 🙂

Because it was a weekend of relaxation, I didn’t get a chance to work out.  I know what you’re thinking, “C’mon, you’re Little Miss Fitness!  Aren’t you supposed to love exercise and do it 24-7?” The truth is I do love exercise, I do love using the body God gave me to do good things, but I also don’t exercise daily.  I’m currently reading Jillian Michaels, “Master Your Metabolism,” and am loving it so far.  America’s toughest trainer doesn’t even work out everyday! I can’t wait to share more when I’ve read more! 🙂  My favorite health and fitness book thus far!

However, after a weekend off, I did get my butt outdoors in the warm sunshine and did a 3 mile run, accompanied by a 10 minute pilates ab workout.  The pilates 100 got my abs a burnin!  My favorite ab workout ever!  If you have Brighthouse cable and are able to get Exercise on Demand, you can search for it under the 10 minute workouts.  It’s free! ** Please note that if you have any lower back or neck trouble, consult a doctor before performing this exercise.**

I have to admit I’ve been slacking on my grocery list! :/  Sorry about that gang!  I will tell you I’m on a mini home-made pizza kick.  It’s a delicious and easy  pesto pizza.  It’s simple enough to make in a time crunch!  My favorite time crunching meal!  (I will post a list of groceries and meals soon! )

Last but not least, my favorite Today Show news of today was seeing a paralyzed bride get wheelchair accessiblity in her home.  She became paralyzed at her bachelorette party when someone pushed her into a pool.  A complete fluke accident.  You’ll be amazed by her recovery, her story, and most of all her positive attitude and love for and from her fiance. Check it out! 🙂

Now, it’s your turn…tell me some of your fav’s of the day! (Favorite meal, favorite exercise, favorite show, favorite lip gloss, favorite memory…whatever comes to mind!)




5 Comments to “A little bit of everything!”

  1. I read a story about the paralyzed woman- I wish I had known she was on the Today Show! That’s so sad, but it sounds really interesting.

  2. Feel free to click on “Tea for Two” and I have a link for the segment. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Kate!

  3. Wow thats an amazing story – I’m definitely going to check that story out!
    I’ve done the pilates abs video – it def gets me sore!!

  4. I love pilates! When I lived up north, it was too cold to run in the winter–so pilates it was! 🙂

  5. I have been reading that too! So much to learn– I like that it isn’t a typical “diet” book, but educates on what’s actually healthy and nourishing for the body. [I don’t go with her on everything…I don’t think potatoes and peas are the devil! 😉 But I think that’s her calorie-frugality speaking. haha.. ]
    Hope you like the chicken! Thanks for checking out my blog and inadvertenly letting me find yours! 🙂

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