Crazy Love

Good morning, sweet friends!  Did you sleep well?  Did you wake up to sunshine?  Any funny dreams?  I hope wherever you are, you are happy, healthy and ready to rock out this Wednesday morning. 🙂

Last night, I met with an awesome group of friends to discuss a book we’re all reading called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  Ever heard of it?  Wow, I had heard amazing reviews about the book and how life changing it is, but until I started reading it for myself, I wasn’t able to understand why people love “Crazy Love.”  This book will challenge you as you question and confirm your faith and understand the “Crazy, Relentless, All Powerful Love” of God.  Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s a book to try out.  You can always put it down, though you may not want to. 🙂

Love these girls! and those not pictured. 🙂

Love this book!

This weekend, J and I are headed to Montana to celebrate the life of our dear Aunt Judy who lost her battle to cancer. We are incredibly thankful for the life she lived and lived well!  What a blessing she is to us.

That’s it for now…wishing you a day to celebrate being alive! 🙂

Question of the day:  Have you ever read a book or met a person that changed your life?  If so, how?



2 Comments to “Crazy Love”

  1. I love Jillian Michael’s Master Your Metabolism. I think it changed the way I eat and thought about food, bathroom products and household cleaners. She really opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn’t thought about before. Def. changed my life!

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