When your food smiles…

Last night, my food smiled at me…literally. 🙂  My husband, the artist, thought he’d put his talents to the test with food art.  J and I decided on a chicken veggie salad with a side of Alexia brand garlic bread.  (I love Alexia products.  They’re in your frozen food aisle, but are all natural and delicious.)

This is entitled, “Girl with Ponytail” 🙂


“Bonjour, Madam”

Avacado, red onion, carrots, tomatoes, celery, craisins, and chicken…on a bed of spring mix lettuce.  A definitely feel good meal!

I should rewind just a tad. Before dinner, Carrie and I hit the gym.  It looked as though it was going to storm, so we decided to make it a quick 30 minute workout.  We hopped on the treadmill and eliptical for 10 minutes each, then switched.  We wanted our heart rates rockin!

Then, we used our Jillian Michael’s knowledge and did a quick core workout while working our arms.  Using medicine balls and stability balls are a great benefit of going to a gym.  After some sweating, toning and a few good laughs, we went our separate ways feeling energized.  Although I dread getting into the gym, I love the feeling after.  I’m so thankful I can work out.  I love love love using the body God gave me to do good things. 🙂

Question of the day:  Why do you work out?


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