Internet down!

My dear blog friends!

It has been awhile….but let me tell you…you haven’t missed out on too much.  This weekend our household laid low as I was fighting a sinus headache and fever and our internet was down.  It’s amazing how many things I thought I should look up and when I realized I couldn’t, wanted to look them up even more!

So, here’s our weekend in a short re-cap.

  • Little Miss Fitness was not fit this weekend.

Picking up snacks for the Superbowl.  Guess who picked them out? 🙂

  • J cheered the Packers on to a Superbowl victory.


  • We got two free Pei Wei Spicy Korean BBQ meals.


Last week, my good friend, Kyla, told us about a deal they had going on where if we picked up the coupon for the free meal we could use it a week later.  We couldn’t believe it!  Thanks, Kyla!

  • And I clipped some coupons from the Sunday paper.

I know it will take a while to save save save…but there are only so many cleaning products I need! I’m thinking I need to get to the grocery store and plan out some meals.

Thank goodness this is the start of a new week!

Question of the Day:  What is one thing you want to accomplish this week that you’ve been putting off?



7 Comments to “Internet down!”

  1. Hi there! So glad I found your blog; It’s so cute!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more, come check out mine sometime too!

  2. This week i’ve got to prep for meals much better. I wanted to yesterday but then that dang super bowl just got in the way 😉

  3. oo good question!! i want to try more foods and experiment with more vegan recipes! i can get lazy at times!

  4. Love the snacks you picked out! Some events are meant for fun food! This week I want to sent out my pitch to a publisher!!

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